Never hold your features back again!

Feature Flag Management made easy.

We help companies in every industry to accelerate their software development processes.

Our clearly arranged feature flag solution allows you to switch your features on and off at any time. Use it for User Targeting, A/B Testing, Canary Releases, Experementing and everything else you can think of.

Advantages of Feature Toggles

Feature Flags enable your team to switch functions on and off without changing the code. Already during development, functions are written into blocks which can be switched on/off at any time.

This procedure does not replace the branching model, but supports your team to integrate the branches back into the master in much shorter intervals.

This significantly reduces the integration effort without holding finished functions back until other code parts are completed. Unfinished parts are simply switched off via a toogle without influencing the rest of the -finished- code

Use Cases for Switchover

Name Status

Continuous Delivery

With Switchover you can easily switch features on or off via our management system. There is no need to change the code and re-deploy.

User segmentation and targeting

You want to present certain functions only for a certain target group? Switchover can help you target specific users with any conditions to show only the features you want them to see.s

Test in production

A real test in production on the infrastructure used by customers guarantees accurate results about new functions and gives you information whether a function really "arrives at the customer". We support A/B tests, rollouts based on defined criteria to achieve fast results. If a feature does not work as desired, simply switch it off.


In distributed systems of modern microservice landscapes you have many deployments per day. What if something goes wrong? With Switchover, you can also use feature flags as emergency stop switches and enable even non-developers to roll back changes without code changes.

And many more. Check out our Video Example page to find out how Switchover can solve your daily work issues.

Modern development approach

Modern development processes mean fast release cycles. To ensure this, teams must be able to merge their development status back into the main branch at any time.

Software developments can be flexibly switched on and off at any time thanks to the clearly arranged feature flag management. Non-functional code can be deployed and toggled on or off at any time.

Simple Feature Toggle Management with Switchover
Start Togglig your Features today

Switch your features on and off - with one click!

Our clearly arranged flag management feature allows you to switch your functions on and off at any time. Different code states, long open feature branches or constant rebases are a thing of the past!

Powerful features


Flag and Toggle Dashboard

You are always in control! All flags and toggles in your code can be controlled via a comfortable dashboard.

Feature Flipper

Flag Conditions

We know that there are not only zeros and ones. Show a feature only when a threshold is exceeded or a condition is met! No problem for Switchover. Simply define conditions on your flags to flexibly check for your requirements.

Feature Switch


Your team not only develops a service but is responsible for an entire service-bundle? No problem: structure your feature flags to suit your needs

Feature Management Solution

Roles & Permissions

Switchover gives you full control over who can control features flags in your projects. Ops only in the productive environment, Dev only in test? No problem, you decide what your team can do.