Feature Flag Management

Rollout your features confidently with a single click.

Easy Rollout & Rollback

Switchover is a Software As A Service Solution (SaaS) that companies in every industry can use to accelerate their software development processes.

Release on Demand

Short development cycles require the rapid release of new software into the production system. But what if not all components of a function are finished at the same time? No problem - simply toggle off unfinished software.

Percentual Rollout

Sometimes it can be helpful not to roll out new features to all customers immediately but to test them with smaller groups. For this, Switchover offers the possibility to roll out a new feature to only a certain percentage of your customers.

Rollback and Killswitch

Being able to deactivate errors in production or non-functioning features simply and easily helps you and your teams to react quickly in the event of an error. This is also how DevOps succeeds.
continuous integration feature toggle

User Targeting

User tageting allows functions to be offered specifically for certain user groups. With the help of a feature, functions can be tested specifically for small user groups.

Target your audience

If functions are only to be accessible to certain, known users in your application, they can be specifically activated via user targeting. This makes it easy to integrate functions for power users, for example.

Query builder

Create your ruleset easily and comfortably via our admin UI. The days when you had to maintain cumbersome configuration files are a thing of the past.

Custom Attributes

Your application, your code. We support free key/value pairs with which you can perfectly serve your requirements.


Never hold your Features back. Release your code when you are ready.

Test feature variants

With Switchover you can easily and quickly create buckets to present your application in different variants.

Use the analytics you already have

And supplement it with Switchover functions. This way you are well informed which features your customers really use.

Let's start today

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